Can Your Rooftop Cargo Box Withstand Porsche-Like Speeds, Track Use?Porsche Design roof box lets customers haul stuff and ass at the same time.See all 30 photosEleonor SeguraAuthorMay 7, 2021

Created in collaboration with Porsche Design, a newly developed performance roof box from Porsche Tequipment is now available for customers to purchase at Porsche dealers. How can a roof box find itself categorized as «high performance?» Well, it is tested at speeds up to 200 kph, or approximately 125 mph, meaning it has a high-speed designation that should be perfect for dry lakebed runs, autobahn blasts, or flagrantly illegal speeding here in America.

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Based on the «form follows function» design principle, the curvy roof box features a Porsche logo at the rear, two side blades, and has customizable options. The side blades are available in high gloss black and three additional popular colors from the Porsche model range, including Dolomite Silver Metallic. Moreover, customers can order the roof box primed or finished in a matching Porsche paint color.

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Though digital is king when it comes to design, the Porsche development team relied on physical prototypes to test in a controlled wind tunnel. These prototypes helped designers evaluate whether the roof box could achieve the desired effect in three dimensions, which allowed them to optimize the design.

Porsche developed the performance roof box by subjecting it through a comprehensive trial and test program using the Taycan Cross Turismo, with other models to follow later. The program included endurance testing at the Porsche Development Center in Weissach, Germany, and aerodynamics and noise level tests through a wind tunnel.

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Maximum speed and controllability (for the vehicle the box is mounted to) were the main focus of development, and so mounted on the Taycan Gran Turismo, the roof box underwent testing for thousands of kilometers on several tracks. The roof box also had to prove its ability to withstand challenging conditions on rough roads.

The innovative roof box opens from both sides for easy loading, offers convenient installation by way of a quick-fastening system, and has a maximum load of up to 75 kg (165 pounds). It includes three securing straps, a protective cover with the Porsche logo, two sets of gloves, and a Porsche Crest sticker. With a 400-liter capacity, action sports enthusiasts can fit at least three snowboards or five pairs of skis.

Designed for customers who wanted to carry extra luggage at higher speeds, Porsche emphasized simple handling and a high degree of everyday usability—as is typical of Porsche products.